Reviews From Happy Sleepers

We began working with Kathleen when our little boy was six months old. He relied solely on me to rock him to sleep, sleep in my arms and wake multiple times a night for resettling by patting, rocking and replacing doddie. Kathleen put a clear and concise plan in place that we were comfortable with, which took our situation into consideration. With her constant reassurance and daily guidance, I now have my evenings and arms back to myself with Dad now included in the bedtime routine and our little boy sleeping soundly for 11-12 hours in his cot. As a family, we will forever be grateful to Kathleen for giving us all the gift of sleep.

Claire, mother of a 6-month-old boy

We could not be more grateful for the support and advice provided by Kathleen regarding sleep training for our daughter Anna. Having struggled for months to create a sleep plan successfully, we reached out to Kathleen, and her tailored approach to our situation has been a lifesaver! Kathleen was very attentive while we explained the challenges we were experiencing with our daughter and gave us some really clear and easy-to-understand instructions on how to develop a routine. She regularly checked in with us throughout the process and gave advice where necessary to make sure we stuck to the sleep plan. Within less than a week of working with Kathleen, we saw a remarkable improvement in Anna's sleep patterns, and she now sleeps in her own room without any issues for 12 hours per night. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathleen to any parent who needs help and support with sleep training for their child. It has made such an incredible difference!

Shane, dad of a 1-year-old girl

Kathleen's sleep training has had a profoundly positive effect on our family. We've always struggled with our sons sleep, trying various methods of sleep training. Nothing was working however 10 months in we can now say that he is finally getting enough sleep and is happier, better rested and  developing faster than ever. Kathleen's coaching was kind, clear, considered and effective with tailored advice for our sons personality and habits. We are a much happier and healthier family for it! 

Tom, dad of a 10-month-old boy

Signing up with Happy Sleep solutions was the best decision we could have made.
Before starting our 7 month old used to wake multiple times in the night and during naps for us to re plug her soother. This resulted in broken sleep for everyone.
Working with Kathleen we removed the soother and gradually and gently helped our little girl to learn the skills to put herself to sleep. She is now taking 2-3 good naps daily and sleeping 11-12 hours at night.
We are a different family. Everyone is so much better rested and happier. We could not be more happy and are so grateful for Kathleen’s gentle approach which has enabled our daughter to get herself to sleep independently and sleep through the night.

Claire, Mother of a 7-month-old girl

Kathleen is a kind, attentive, dedicated and thorough sleep coach. We have seen vast improvements in our 22 month old in areas such as nap refusal, early wakes, distress when waking, overall general mood and interactions with others - the consequences of the changes that Kathleen helped us to implement have simply been immense.

We participated in the 1:1 full support package; knowing that Kathleen was truly “at the end of a phone” any time we needed her gave us huge confidence and got us out of a few sticky situations! This is our 3rd child, and family life has changed massively for the better - for this we are incredibly thankful to Kathleen. Onwards and upwards! 🙂

Fiona, Mother of a 20-month-old girl

We reached out to Kathleen after our baby had gone through quite a long sleep regression. She struggled going to bed alone, not napping during the day, would scream hysterically every time we put her in her cot and was waking multiple times a night.
After the first few days of working with the individualised plan that Kathleen put together for us (and constant ongoing support and tweaks when needed), we noticed a huge difference.
After 2 weeks, our little girl is now napping consistently during the day, happily going into her cot at night, falling asleep completely independently, and even self settling herself if she does wake.
We are so grateful for Kathleen's help, support, and guidance during this time. She's simply amazing! I just wish we had found her sooner!

Laura, Mother of a 10-month-old girl